Incorporating the ADK ( Application Development Kit ) distributed free at this website, you can develop apps operated using dedicated remote controllers.
※ When ADK is installed in the apps, an icon is displayed on the portal application.
Spin n’ Click
Concept of the Spin n’ Click
Enjoy using your smartphone even when you cannot hold it in your hand
*Simple and intuitive user interface*
Just “spin” the roller and “click“. It’s such a simple and intuitive way to remotely operate your smartphone in many use cases.

● Use cases

Spin n’ Click structure
KKP Integration
Not all the apps can work with the KKP – The apps need to have integrate the KKP driver (offered for free)
Easy integration
Besides the touch events via phone OS, simply receive the control events from the KKP driver
More app usage
KKP allows safer and easier handling of mobile apps where it deemed difficult or unsafe
Steps for making your app compatible to KKP
DCP site dcp
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Flow of Development of Compatible Apps

Download the free ADK ( Application Development Kit ) as follows and install in your apps to enable development of an app which can be operated by a remote controller.

Basic Functions of Spin n’ Click

Spin n’ Click comes with the following functions.

① Extract and display compatible apps

Referring to the registered app info (URL Scheme / Package Activity and Name) in the Denso Connected Portal, “Spin n’ Click” searches for compatible apps installed on the same device, and displays it on its menu screen.

② Connect to KKP Remote Controller to your app

Turn on the KKP Remote Controller and launch “Spin n’ Click”, then launch your app from its menu to connect to the KKP controller.

③ Mode switching function :

Function which hides applications which are not suitable for use in cars and which have complicated UIs.
Car mode Off
Displayed applications are not controlled

Car mode On
Displayed applications are controlled
It can be set whether the interoperable application supports the car mode or not when registering the application.

● Flow of Registering the Linked Applications.
The car mode can be turned ON / OFF by user operations.
Services available on the DCP site
DCP site dcp
Scan this to jump to DCP site
Downloading KKP driver

① Click on the “Sigh Up” at the top-right

② Input required information to register
③ Click on “Use” at the “Spin n’ Click” menu

④ Select and click to download iOS or Android Library

Adding a new app in the KKP compatible app list

① Access to the DCP website ( )
② Click on your Account name on the top right

③ Select “App/Media” from the drop-down menu

④ Select “Spin n’ Click” from the drop-down list of services

⑤ Click on “Add” button

⑥ Input required information of the service and click on “Create” button at the bottom

Notes for developing a KKP compatible app
To be able to control your app with KKP, the app needs to be launched through the “Spin n’ Click” app.
(when the released version of the Framework was used)
※ The debug version of the Framework lets the KKP to control your app that was launched by itself.

● How to display your app icon on the Spin n” Click app during your development:

① On the DCP site, click on the “App/Media” in the Member Menu, and find a “App/Media ID” for your
  app from the list of the registered apps.

② Launch Spin n’ Click app, click on the gear icon on the top, and enter the App ID to display your
  app icon on the Spin n’ Click page

Code the KKP Home key to go back to the Spin n’ Click screen
◆For Android
public boolean onPressUpButton(int button) {
return false;

* Return “false” when (int button) is “Home”.
◆For iOS
- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application openURL:(NSURL *)url sourceApplication:(NSString *)sourceApplication annotation:(id)annotation
 [[UMAApplication sharedApplication] handleOpenURL:url];
 return NO;

* Return “No” when (UMAInputButtonType) is “Home”.
Also add the following to “info.plist”.

Do not to turn off the screen while using KKP
Screen would turn off after a while as you do not touch it while using KKP.

Please make sure that your app keeps the screen ON while connected to KKP.
Connecting to KKP
The common connection method of smartphones do not work with KKP. The KKP connection needs to be handled by the app.

● Steps for connecting KKP to your phone

● If KKP doesn’t connect with your smartphone;

KKP remembers up to 5 paired devices to speed up the connection.
To add a new device, the memory needs to be daleted.

1.Turn OFF KKP
2.Press and hold KKP’s reset switch
3.While pressing the reset switch, turn ON the KKP power